Tungsten carbide rods 6mmx330mm

Tungsten carbide rods 6mmx330mm

Because of it's good wear-resistance, our Tungsten carbide rods 6mm*330mm are using in making cutting tools such as carbide endmill and carbide drills

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Solid ungrounded tungsten carbide rods 6mm*330mm
Tungsten carbide rods 6mmx330mm

Material:  Tungsten carbide, Cemented carbide, Carbide, Tungsten steel
Grade: K20, We can offer other regular grade carbide rods such as K10, YG6, YL10.2, YG10, C2, C6.
Tungsten carbide rods grades
Size:  6mm* 330mm.
         we can also offer diameter 1.0mm--6mm, and 20mm---60mm. according to customers' request.
Hardness: HRA91.5
Application: Our tungsten carbide rods are with hardness of HRA91.5, the wear-resistance are excelant. So it is widely applicating in making cutting tools such as carbide end mill, carbide drills and so on.
Tungsten carbide rods application
How is the tungsten carbide rods 6mmx330mm produced out:
the production process of tungsten carbide rods 6mm*330mm

For more information about tungsten carbide rods,please feel free to contact info@ejcarbides.com or call +86 0731 22995400


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