About Us

EJ Carbide Co., Ltd, is a technology company which is committed to research & development and selling carbide products and deep-processing products. 
EJ Carbide located in Zhuzhou, the largest industrial city which is specializing in production carbide and related tools in China. 

Years of cemented carbide industry experience made EJ Carbide has an efficient and professional ability in integrating the tungsten productive resources in Zhuzhou, or even in China. So we can supply our clients the most quality products of tungsten carbide and other tungsten series products. EJ Carbide holds the business idea of caring clients' interests and satisfying clients' needs. Our main management people have 17 years production and management experience of hard alloy and know products' advantages in each manufacturer very well. We can integrate the scientific research and production resources of hard alloy industry, provide clients the most quality tungsten related products, and save the clients' time in selecting supplier. We can save your cost with favorable price and meet your needs with professional services. 

EJ Carbide devote ourselves to creating the most trustable purchase platform for customer both in domestic and oversea, to creating a R&D and service team which is composed by senior engineer, engineer and technician.

Seven quality index, that is bending strength, hardness, porosity, graphite content, 302 defect, WC mean grain size, eta mutually. EJ Carbide high-grade tungsten related products has 3 technical features: original high purity tungsten powder/tungsten carbide powder raw material, high-precision technology equipment and strict 7 level quality inspection system. Our tungsten related products and the mating products have higher quality over similar company. Besides, we can offer all kinds of technical guidance for free.

Responsibility make the history is our mission. Responsible for the future, the customer, and our own conscience is our purpose. Customer first, caring staff, honest and trustworthy, self-improvement is our value.