Tungsten carbide pins

Tungsten carbide pins

tungsten carbide pins with good hardness and impact performance are using as heavy crushing hammers.

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Tungsten carbide pin
Tungsten cabride pins
Material: Tungsten carbide, cemented carbide, carbides
Grade:  K20, V-20, YG6
Surface: grinded.  Ra 0.8
Hardness: HRA 91
Shape: cylinder with one end sharp with 45 degree angle. like a tungsten carbide needle
Size: 3*75mm, our other tungsten pin diameter regular are 4mm,6mm, 9mm, and the regular carbide pin length are 60mm, 75mm, 100mm, 110mm.
We can produce tungsten carbide pin with other size and specification according to your request or drawing.
Application: Heavy inpact, heavy crushing hammers.

Tungsten carbide pin is made from tungsten carbide rods too. the grade information are same as tungsten carbide rods.
below are some grade information of tungsten carbide pins.
tungsten carbide pin grade information

We can produce other size and specification tungsten carbide pins according to your request or drawing.
For more information about tungsten carbide pins, please contact info@ejcarbides.com or call +86 0731 22995400


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